UV Comb, Portable UV Theropy Unit

Hand & Foot Unit, UV Panel, Microdermabrasion

Diamond Dermabrasion, Derma Roller

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Laser Comb, Laser Cap/helmet

Hair Transplantation Chair

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Baby Incubator, Oxygen Hood, Infant Bassinet

Infant double side LED Phototherapy with Bassinet

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Surgical Equipments

OT Pendent

Hair Transplant Tools

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Hospital Furniture

Hospital Beds

Patient Trolley/Wheel Chair/Ward Equipment

Ward/O.T. Equipments

Examination Table/Delivery Beds

O.T. Lights/O.T. Equipments

O.T. Equipments/Hospital Holloware

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"We reuse the used packing materials to support ECOSYSTEM" and we thank clients for understanding the same and their cooperation

Welcome To C Cube Advanced Technologies

Healthcare sector is booming across the world and products & services are increasingly playing a dominant role in driving and shaping the life of the people both in terms of corrective and preventive ways. C Cube Advanced Technologies is committed to serve the healthcare needs with innovative products and services to help doctors/practitioners stay in the frontline.In the ever-changing competitive world C Cube Advanced Technologies is providing ways for organizations to be successful by outsourcing very important business process of Wire Harness & assembling. C Cube Advanced Technologies is all set to deliver wire harness and assembly solutions in a cost effective and elegant manner.

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