Iontophoresis is a noninvasive method to enhance systemic and local drug delivery by the application of an electric field. For systemic drug delivery in the oral cavity, iontophoresis was studied primarily for transbuccal delivery. Significant enhancement of drug delivery was observed in buccal iontophoresis compared to passive transport for different drugs. For local drug delivery in the oral cavity, iontophoresis enhances drug penetration into the enamel, dentin, and other oral tissues for the treatment of oral diseases. Iontophoresis was evaluated in dentistry such as to produce local anesthesia and treat tooth decalcification and hypersensitivity. The most common drugs in these evaluations were fluoride and lidocaine. In general, there is limited knowledge of the mechanisms of iontophoresis in the oral tissues. In vivo animal and human studies have suggested that iontophoresis is safe in the oral cavity under the conditions investigated.

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DENTAL IONTOPHORESIS Dental hypersensitivity, dental neck hypersensitivity, enamel hypoplasia, before and after conservation treatment, abrasion of the enamel caused by prosthesis hooks (removable- orthodontia), caries prevention, desensitization of filed stumps, parodontophaties, marginal gingivitis, re-epithelization of the oral mucosa (decubitus, wounds alterations, electro surgery, etc.) superficial anesthesia, endodontic, pain and disorder syndrome of ATM.

Technical Specifications

Feather touch key operations with LCD Display
Overall dimensions of the unit: 17.5X7.5X4.0 (Cms)
Weight of the product: 900Grams
Model name: Iontophoresis Dental
Voltage input: 230V 50Hz
Mode of operation: % increment in 10% each level
No. of electrodes: one handheld and another applicator
User manual provided along with unit
Travel friendly bag package

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Dental Iontophoresis

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