A Revolutionary Treatment for Hair Loss Growth

Model : Hair4sure
Application : Hair Nourishment, Retention and growth

Salient features

Unit Dimension of laser hood: 38X34X19 cms
After packing : 45X39X25 cms
Unit Package weight of the hood 8 Kg and stand 15 Kg
Volumetric Weight of the hood: 10 Kg and stand 30 Kg
Timer provided with option to set the therapy time and once therapy is elapsed the unit will switch off automatically
Laser Diodes:
60 Nos.
650nm 5mW
Light output through special laser multiplier
Cooling Fan provided for patient comfort
Main power supply:
230 V ± 10V

Body of the entire unit:
Color: combination of cream and grey

User manual provided to operate the unit easily.
Warranty: 6 months for the battery and one year for the unit
Laser station is also called as Hair growth Laser station, Hair growth Laser treatment, Hair growth Laser Machine, Laser dome, Anti Hairfall treatment device
Hands-free, convenient hair growth system provides full scalp coverage, is fully portable, easy to use and highly effective Low-Level Laser Theropy(LLLT) system that enables significant hair growth.

Hair4sure Laser Station

Low-Level Laser Theropy(LLLT) is highly effective for a hair growth treatment process. LLLT increases cellular activity and promotes the proliferation of thick, full and healthy hair. The absorption of light delivered via an accute and measured wavelength(650nm) promotes hair growth.
Laser helmet is also called as Laser dome, Hair growth machine, Laser Hair growth, Anti Hair fall machine, Anti hair fall laser machine

Features and Benifits

Grows Hair
Low-Level laser Theropy(LLLT) technology utilizes highly effective laser diode to effectively stimulate and energize cellular activity causing an uptake in the natural function of hair follicle. This provens 4 to 6months process reveses hair thinning and loss.

Safe and Effective
A Laser optimus 28 is a safe and effeective device, designed and produced specifically for the purpose of growing hair in people affected with Androgenetic Alopecia(thinning hair). Laser optimus 28 is a non-invasive, Low-Level Laser Theropy(LLLT) technology has no side-effects , unlike pharmaceuticals, topical and pills aree used to treat hair-loss.

Laser Optimus is not only highly effective, its a affordble as well. A one time purchase will provide you with everything you need to grow and maintain strong, healthy hair for lifetime.

Optimus scalp coverage
Laser Optimus 28 is designed and crafted to effectively cover the scalp, and engineered to focus on areas prone to hair loss. The inner helmate canopy is designed to conform to contour and curvanture of the scalp, ensurance consistent and equal distribution of laser for optimum results.
Laser helmet is also called as Laser dome, Hair growth machine, Laser Hair growth, Anti Hair fall machine, Anti hair fall laser machine
Science and Technology
The revolutionary Laser technology features an optimum blend of proven science and technological achievement, borne from decades of research and devolopment . A WorldWide scientists, doctors and medical engineers have incorporated the identical low-level laser technology used by professional hair loss medical experts and by hair restoration physicians, into Hair4sure and Laser 28 optimus effectively grow air. Hair4sure is designed using 60 laser diodes and laser optimus 28 uses 28 laser diodes of 650nm to cover complete scalp, auto programmed to switch of after theropy time.

Programmed for Everyone
The Laser technology is engineered to address, treat and ultimately reverse the effects of Androgenetic Alopecia(thinning hair). The product is designed to cater both male and female hair loss patterns.

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