Infant Radiant Warmers - (NEOBEST PRO)

C Cube is a standard system for the care of newborn infants. The warmer is designed for the safety and comfort of the newborn. All the materials utilized are non-toxic and non-corrosive. The warmer ensures a hygienic environment with minimized maintenance. A baby warmer provides a controlled environment for newborns needing special care, such as those born prematurely. By placing an infant in a warmer, doctors and nurses can set and monitor different aspects of the child's environment in order to create ideal conditions for survival.

Salient Features:

The Controller is based on Micro-processor controlled system with     Manual/Pre-warm & Skin Servo Modes.
LCD to display modes of operation (i.e. Alarm messages, Skin   Temperature & Air Temperature in °C / F with Both manual and   automatic modes, Feed Time and APGAR timer available). This     feature is taken out to enures no Electromagnetic interference (EMI)     issues.
Large bright 7 segment LED Digital display system provided to    measure / monitor the Skin temperature, Air temperature and Set     temperatures (Resolution of 0.1°C). Also viewing from a distance.
Thermistor based sensor (Skin & Air probe) with accuracy of ±0.1°C     and calibration free temperature sensors.
The probe is of detachable type, easy to clean & replace.
Temperature set range : 28°C to 38°C with resolution of ±0.1°C
User friendly touch panel / Feather touch keys provided for easy    operation of controller.
Facility to display skin set, skin observed temperature in degree C    and heat power separately
Heater Output / Power Indicator: A LED light (bar graph type) to    indicate the heater output in percentage (i.e. 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%,    30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%,     95%, 100%).
Manual / Pre-warm mode : Adjustable heater power 0% to 100% with    increment of 5% and time duration 15minutes / 30minutes.
The Controller has memory back up to retrieve set data against    power failure.
The heater cut off automatically at 38 degree Celsius irrespective of    the set parameters.
LED Observation lamp with ON/OFF switch.
Heater box is rotatable at 90 degrees to enable X Ray procedures.
It has a integrated baby bed system with cassette tray compatible for    taking X-ray.
Unit comes with Baby Mattress, Monitor tray, Utility tray, IV Stand & SS    Track (mount monitor/syring pump/infusion pump).
At the rear side of the unit facility to clamp two Cylinder and it is    locked using chain hold mechanism.
Baby bed supported with easily removable side flaps.
Unit has withdraw able bed with head raising facility on both end.
Provision for keeping phototherapy unit at bottom & also Mobile    Phototherapy unit can be used along with the product.
LED Single side Phototherapy with multiplier (Optional).
LED Dual side Phototherapy with multiplier (Optional).
Suction functionality up to 550mmHg & pressure controlled by knob.    (Optional).
Provision of hydrant mechanism for oxygen inflow (Optional).

Probe failure / Error

Probe failure / Error
1° C temperature Low / High Error
3°C & 5°C temperature Error
High temperature cut-off
Heater failure
Power failure

Infant Radiant Warmers - (NEOBEST PRO)

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