Laser Helmet & Laser Station

The product is a cutting-edge technology with zero side effects and has delivered very good results. The product can be deployed at dermatology, skin care cosmetology centers. The product covers complete scalp promoting hair growth uniformly throughout scalp.

Advantages :

Hair Regrowth
Hair Restore
Prevent Hair fall
Designed as per male & female hair loss pattern.

Features & Benefits :

Completely portable and easy to use.
You don't have to hold the device (unlike a laser hair comb) Hands    Free, completely fits in almost any hat.
Get Thicker, Fuller, Healthier hair if you have thinning hair
Reverse hair loss : effective for thinning hair and alopecia areata.
Convenient and discreet.
Use at home, while walking, driving anywhere!
No more scheduled appointment for treatment.
Complements other hair loss therapies.
Hands free, convenient hair growth system provides full scalp    coverage, is fully portable, easy to use and highly effective Low-   Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) system that enables significant hair     growth.
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a highly effective hair growth    treatment process. LLLT increases cellular activity and promotes the   proliferation of thick, full and healthy hair. The absorption of light   delivered via an acute and measured wavelength (650nm) promotes    hair growth.
GROWS HAIR : Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology utilizes   highly effective laser diodes to effectively stimulate and energize    cellular activity causing an uptake in the natural function of the hair    follicle. This proven 4 to 6 month process reverses hair thinning and    loss.
SAFE AND EFFECTIVE : The Laser Optimus 28 / 60 is a safe and    effective device, designed and produced specifically for the purpose  of growing hair in people affected with Androgenetic Alopecia   (thinning hair). Laser Optimus 28 is a non-invasive; Low Level Laser  Therapy (LLLT) technology has no side effects, unlike    pharmaceuticals, topicals and pills used to treat hair-loss.
AFFORDABLE : Laser Optimus is not only highly effective. It's   affordable as well. A onetime purchase will provide you with    everything you need to grow and maintain strong, healthy hair for     lifetime.
OPTIMUM SCALP COVERAGE : The Laser Optimus 28 / 60 is    designed and crafted to effectively cover the scalp and engineered   to focus on areas prone to hair loss. The inner helmet canopy is   designed to conform to contour and curvature of the scalp, ensuring    consistent and equal distribution of laser for optimum results.

Laser Helmet & Laser Station

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