Vacuum Extraction (VAC-ASSIST)

Vacuum extraction (VE), also known as ventouse, is a method to assist delivery of a baby using a vacuum device. It is used in the second stage of labor if it has not progressed adequately. It may be an alternative to a forceps delivery and caesarean section. It cannot be used when the baby is in the breech position or for premature births. The use of VE is generally safe.

Vacuum extractors have replaced forceps for many situations in which assistance is required to achieve vaginal delivery. Compared with metal-cup vacuum extractors, soft-cup devices are easier to use detach more frequently.

Salient Features:

Vacuum generator with Silastic cup, Anti bacterial plastic cup and    Metal cup of different sizes with necessary electrical connection
Foot Switch operation (wired & wireless/cordless).
Generates a steady vacuum of 600mmHg
Easy to read digital display with Traction force in Kilo grams.
Very useful for the process of extra-gentle Vacuum Assisted Delivery.
The foot switch operation (with Cable & Cord less) allows the doctor    to increase the pressure steadily without touching the machine.
The vacuum pressure does not drop due to a silicon non-return valve    and the doctor can concentrate only on delivery.
The press release fixed above the bottle helps the doctor to release    vacuum without touching the machine.
The overflow protection device prevents liquid or solid particles from    entering the intermediate tubing.
The twin foot switch helps the operator to increase the vacuum to   required limit and also to release the vacuum so that hands are    tremendously free and can hold the fetus and detach the cup.
Most important idea of twin foot switch is that in between uterine    contractions, the operator can reduce the vacuum to minimum level  to avoid unnecessary pressure on the scalp. During the next   contraction the vacuum can he raised immediately with the help of    foot switch.

Vacuum Extraction (VAC-ASSIST)

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